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Indonesia holidays: what do I have to know

Welcome to a land of distinct yet complementary peoples. These are the scattered lands of the Indian Ocean, ready to offer you an unforgettable escapade. Lands with thousand-year-old traditions and multiple beautiful facades. Wild landscapes between volcanoes, beaches and rice fields. If you were wondering which wonderful location we're talking about, we are here to prepare you for your future trip to Indonesia. Together, travelling through the archipelago from east to west, across its major islands. From Sumatra and Cairo to Java, Bali and Lombok, you will have all the keys in hand to create a unique stay in Indonesia.

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What to do in Indonesia during a stopover in Sumatra

Sumatra, a magical place with a past overshadowed by a major natural disaster in 2004, has a wonderful history that could make it the first stop on your future tour of Indonesia. This island is particularly vast, the sixth largest on the planet, and thus offers a wealth of experiences not to be missed.

Start at the northern side of the island as this is where the largest city is located: Medan. Then head for Bakit Lawang and the 26,000 square kilometre Gunung Leuser National Park. Named after the 3,381 metre high mountain on which it is situated, it is a UNESCO listed area. Once there, you can go on a trek to orangutans' habitat, between mountains and rivers. It is on these same rivers that you can practice water sports rich in sensations. And for an unforgettable diving experience, strap on your mask and snorkel and head for the Weh Island. Back on land, ride on the backs of non-exploited Tangkahan. Finally, end your day in Indonesia on a sweet note with a taste of local delicacies at a local restaurant.


Why include Java in your Indonesian itinerary?

Wondering what to do in Indonesia? The locals who make Java the most populous island in Indonesia will certainly be able to answer your question. Known for its authenticity, the island will satisfy travellers looking for a place to relax in the heart of nature. Almost a third of the island is occupied by a forest that you should explore without distractions. As dense as the forest, the cities of the island are known for their hustle & bustle. Jakarta, the best known of them all and the island's capital, is known for its contrasting landscapes. Surabaya and Bandung have a striking mix of past and present. You'll find colonial-era buildings next to modern skyscrapers.

Once you've explored the cities, discover the famous authentic nature that makes Java so appealing. Start with an adventure in the heart of the Central Asian forest. Incredibly dense, it includes areas that have never before been trodden by humans. As well as giving rise to this green nature, the fertility of the soil also allows for a variety of crops to be grown. Rice, tea, sugar cane, coffee, etc. are all places to add to your itinerary. Don't miss the temple of Borobudur. It is one of the largest temples in Indonesia, if not the world. Finally, don’t miss the traditions that make the country manage to remain so authentic. From handicrafts and dancing to tea and acircles, every way to participate in the culture of the island is a good idea. 

Where to go in Indonesia? To Bali!

Bali is one of those mythical lands whose reputation is well known. Charming and bewitching, it immediately evokes sublime landscapes. A lazy paradise, a surfer's paradise, a natural paradise… Once there, you will certainly wonder if you haven't simply landed in paradise altogether, especially if you stay in one of our hotels in Bali.


Extraordinary landscapes

There are many extraordinary places to visit in Bali for all types of travellers. Hikers will be delighted to embark on the ascent of Mount Gunung Agung. Animal lovers can visit a national park, such as West Bali. They can also go diving, the island's flagship activity. And for those who aren't an hour's flight away, head to Komodo Island. There you will discover Indonesia's only pink beach.


Big cities are worth the visit 

In order to get a feel for the atmosphere of the island, start with its capital: Denpasar. After all, this is most likely where you will get your flight to Indonesia. You can admire a mixture of Dutch and Chinese architecture. You can then stroll along Pasar Badung to find traditional artefacts. In the evening, head to the night market to sample the local delicacies. To learn more about the history and culture of the island, head to the Bali Museum.

Another major city on the island, Kuta will delight surfing enthusiasts. You can also soak up the island's festive atmosphere as you stroll its streets. And for those eager for cultural visits, Tanah Lot will make you happy. It is a Hindu temple built on water, one of the most popular and famous on the island. Finally, don't miss the memorable Kopi Luwak plantations. We'll leave you with the surprise as to how this coffee, one of the most expensive in the world, is made.

Finally, Ubud is Bali's must-see stop. Considered the cultural capital of the island, you will be at the heart of Balinese art. In this city, traditional performances and shows will elevate your day in Indonesia. You can also explore the Balinese countryside, which surrounds the city in a lush setting. End your visit with a visit to one of the city's many museums.




Explore the Gili Islands for a complete Indonesian day trip

Trawangan, Air and Meno are the three lands that make up what is commonly known as the Gili. Small enough to walk around, their size certainly contributes to their charm and welcoming atmosphere. What's on the agenda for your holiday on these islands? It all depends on which one your heart desires. And so the Gili Islands alone could be a complete and unusual cruise in Indonesia. Each offering its own individuality, all three nevertheless have one thing in common: heavenly landscapes of sheer beauty.


Covering one of the Sunda Islands: Lombok




Lombok in Indonesia is a charming and authentic place. It is often overshadowed by Bali, yet it is just as attractive. Its beaches are also inviting and its waters, unlike its neighbour, are very suitable for swimming. The island is also known for its rich handicrafts, so be sure to pick up a small souvenir. Wood carvings, small leather accessories, fabric, etc. Here you will also have access to a wide variety of culinary delights. In addition to the tasty local cuisine, you will easily taste specialities from all over the world.

Besides, speaking of food, did you know that "Lombok" means chilli in Indonesian ? Once you've seen its wild landscapes, you'll understand why it's nicknamed so. Indeed, if you don't yet know  where to go in Indonesia in order to enjoy an amazing trip, Lombok is certainly what you need. In addition to the beautiful beaches we mentioned earlier, Lombok also has a lush landscape. To see this for yourself, you can climb Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano in the country. Then head for the Sembalun Valley. Once you reach the top, the view will leave you speechless. Near Kuta Lombok, especially in Mawun and Mawi Bay, surfing fans will be delighted to straddle their boards and add some spice to their day.

Rather than comparing Lombok in Indonesia and Bali, make them complementary by making each one a part of your getaway.


Between enchanting landscapes and cultural discoveries Sulawesi

Called Sulawesi in Indonesian, Celebes is a little-known yet very capable of offering you a luxury trip to Indonesia that you won't forget. First, you can relax on the sandy beaches along the coast or in one of the spas in Indonesia. You can then set off to discover the rich coral reefs that the waters in front of you offer. You will find yourself facing unknown and beautiful species. Once you have gone inland, you will discover an amazingly varied landscape. You will try to penetrate the dense mountainous landscape. You will let the Tarzan or Jane in you express themselves in the lush jungle. All this in front of a fauna and flora of a comparable richness to that which you will have seen in the sea.

You will then complete your day in Indonesia by meeting local people. Why not stroll through the rice fields? Participating in a traditional ceremony? Tasting the specialities of the local cuisine in the homes of local people? Learning about the history of the different ethnic groups that occupy the island? Sulawesi has indeed a great ethnic diversity that you can partly discover on the spot. The Minahasa, the Gorontalos, the Bugis, the Toraja… More than 100 languages are spoken on the island, leaving you with plenty to explore! 


Indonesia: when is the best time for a stay?

In Sumatra, the best time to go is between May and September. In Java, the best months are July, August and September. For maximum security, Bali is best suited for a visit between June and September. The same goes for Lombok and the Gili Archipelago. Finally, it is possible to go to Sulawesi between July and October. As you can see, doing your tour of Indonesia in August would be a great idea and you'd be almost certain to avoid the rains.

You now know when and where to go in Indonesia for your dream vacation, and to make it extra special, don't miss out on VeryChic's amazing offers. You won't regret it!