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Why plan a holiday to Savoie?

Journey to the unforgettable Savoie, where the ordinary transforms into extraordinary! Picture yourself carving through powder-dusted slopes in world-class winter resorts or unwinding in lavish spas nestled amidst awe-inspiring mountain panoramas. But Savoie is more than just a playground for snow enthusiasts – it's a symphony of natural wonders, with vast lakes mirroring the grandeur of the Alps. Dive into our hand-picked selection of must-see gems and thrilling activities that will cast a spell on you, revealing the irresistible charm of Savoie

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Where to go stay in Savoie?

Set out on a day of pure bliss in Savoie with the Alps as your backdrop! But first, the crucial choice of accommodation sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. 

  • Picture yourself in a luxurious Chamonix hotel, where the calming embrace of nature becomes the ultimate rejuvenation for your body and soul.
  • If a green haven is what your heart desires, La Croix de Savoie awaits, offering a breathtaking natural resort that will leave you captivated for hours on end.
  • For the ski enthusiasts, Les Arcs boasts a ski lover's paradise in the heart of four pedestrian villages, promising an extraordinary winter sports adventure.
  • And if romance is on the agenda, an upscale manor in Annecy beckons, a year-round haven in the pearl of the Alps ready to weave the perfect tapestry for your idyllic escape


Which are the best ski resorts in Savoie?



Courchevel ski resort


Perfectly situated in the heart of the Tarentaise valley, Courchevel stands as a beacon of winter sports excellence within the world's largest ski area, les 3 Vallées. Beyond its iconic status lies a diverse landscape awaiting exploration, coupled with a reputation for pioneering the art of slope preparation. Picture yourself carving through flawlessly groomed slopes in a winter wonderland where architectural marvels pay homage to the mountain's essence, showcasing the warmth of stone and wood, seamlessly blending with nature's embrace.

Courchevel isn't just about skiing; it boasts unparalleled services, offering free shuttles to whisk you to various points of interest. And when it comes to culinary delights, the resort's gastronomic prowess is renowned. But the adventure doesn't end on the slopes—try out blend of fun and relaxation at Aquamotion de Courchevel, Europe's largest mountain-built aquatic centre. With its wild river, paddling pool, wellness haven, and tantalizing restaurant, every corner invites you to create unforgettable moments. Don't hesitate – secure your spot in Courchevel's enchanting embrace by booking your hotel now!

Val Thorens

Val Thorens is a resort that emerged four decades ago in the stunning Vallée des Belleville. Perched at over 3,000 meters, it proudly stands as one of Europe's highest resorts, claiming the summit in the coveted 3 Vallées area. Beyond its breathtaking altitude, Val Thorens is celebrated for its vibrant mix of family-friendly charm and festive vibes. Travelling with your tribe? The "Resort Famille Plus Montagne" label ensures a personalized welcome and a plethora of activities catering to all ages. What sets it apart? The convenience of having slopes mere steps from your accommodation, offering a range of terrains suitable for every skill level. As you approach, the slopes gently welcome, while further adventures demand technical prowess.

But the excitement doesn't stop on the slopes—Val Thorens invites you to dive into a world of year-round activities. Picture yourself soaring at 100 kilometres per hour on a thrilling zip-line, ascending on a scenic lift with panoramic views, navigating a toboggan run, or enjoying a 7,500 square meter indoor sports centre. Val Thorens beckons you to embrace the fun – a symphony of adventure and entertainment awaits in every season. Don't miss out on the thrill; make Val Thorens your next destination and let the excitement unfold!

La Plagne

La Plagne is a family-friendly winter sports resort ensuring its international reputation for over 50 years. This is due to its vast skiable area suitable for all levels and its more than 200 kilometres of pistes. In fact, the village actually includes ten resorts, six high altitude and four village resorts. You will therefore fall under the spell of the diversity of its infrastructures and accommodation. Between forests and glaciers, you will cover a territory of which 70% is situated above 2,000 mètres in altitude. This ensures a superb snow cover throughout the winter season! You will also be able to enjoy superb views of the French Alps including the inimitable Mont-Blanc. Moreover, the particularities of the station of La Plagne do not stop there, as you will enjoy an ice tower unseen in Europe and the only French bobsleigh track. Finally, you should know that La Plagne does not lose its appeal at all in summer. It offers you beautiful hikes or bike rides and a magnificent green setting.


Les Arcs

Les Arcs is a captivating ski resort in Savoie, standing proudly opposite the majestic Mont-Blanc and comprising five distinct sites at varying altitudes. Throughout the year, Les Arcs beckons you with an array of experiences that transform your stay into a cascade of unforgettable moments. In winter, immerse yourself in the pristine snow cover and the breathtaking scenery that defines the resort. The diversity of slopes, spanning from 1,200m to 3,250m in altitude, caters to all, from adventurous freeriders exploring untouched realms to families and cautious skiers indulging in a plethora of facilities, including the thrilling snow park, toboggan run, and border cross – ensuring monotony has no place in your journey!

Come summer, Les Arcs unveils a mountain paradise, offering a day brimming with outdoor activities. Traverse one of the 40 hiking trails, each promising breathtaking views. Perfect your golf swing amidst the alpine splendour. Feel the rush with a refreshing canoe or rafting trip, or engage in delightful activities with your children. In essence, savour the epitome of mountain holidays as Les Arcs unfolds a tapestry of adventures, inviting you to revel in every season's unique charm!

What are the natural areas to go to?

Aside from its resorts, the Savoie has some breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes. Here are some we recommend visiting: 


The Vanoise National Park


The cow lake in the Vanoise park, Savoie


Step into the lush embrace of Parc National de la Vanoise, a hidden gem nestled between the captivating high valleys of Maurienne and Tarentaise. Spanning a sprawling 535 square kilometres with an extensive web of 400 kilometres of marked trails, this natural haven beckons intrepid souls. Shielded by the Préalpes and the majestic Belledonne range, the park enjoys a unique climate, avoiding the typical deluge, making it an idyllic playground for your outdoor pursuits. Traverse a landscape adorned with a fascinating array of rocks – limestone, sandstone, shale, each telling a story of time. Yet, the true allure lies in the vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna that paints this sanctuary.


The Beaufortain massif

Explore the enchanting Beaufortain massif, where the meeting of lakes and mountains paints a stunning backdrop across four delightful communes. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a leisurely wanderer, the diverse trails cater to all levels, promising an unforgettable holiday with family or friends. Kick off your adventure in Arêches-Beaufort, a village resort offering an authentic experience nestled between 700 and 2,300 meters above sea level. Move on to Hauteluce, the balcony of Mont Blanc, where preserved heritage awaits to captivate you. Discover Queige, a village serving as a gateway to summer walks and winter activities, and wrap up your journey in Villard-sur-Doron, surrounded by small houses and wooden chalets that breathe the unmistakable Savoyard atmosphere. As a bonus, the Massif du Beaufortain features a ski area near Mont-Blanc, a winter wonderland for enthusiasts eager to enjoy activities while respecting the pristine nature that surrounds. 

The Mont Thabor

The Mont Thabor is located on the border between the Savoie and the Hautes-Alpes. It belongs to the Cerces massif, or more precisely to the chaînon du Thabor, and culminates at an altitude of more than 3,100 mètres. It promises a superb hike to its summit. And if that is your motivation, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the surroundings once you reach the top. Please note, however, that this walk will not be easy. Not because of the physical difficulties that would accompany it, but because you will need almost nine hours of walking to complete it. However, there are some great discoveries along the way that won't make you regret the decision. These include the small, quiet Caspi Lake or a frog lake. Not to mention the beautiful scenery that unfolds.


Which lakes to see in Savoie?

Lake Bourget

Lac du Bourget is one of France's largest lakes, conveniently located just 18 kilometres from Chambéry. Having inspired poets like Alphonse de Lamartine, it's time for you to explore and unravel its unique appeal. Your eyes will be drawn to the rugged relief, adorned with a vibrant tapestry of vegetation. The urge to take in the breathtaking landscape will lead you to the scenic Belvédère de la Chambotte, offering a panoramic view worth the climb. Ready to uncover the secrets of this enchanting lake? Lac du Bourget invites you to explore its beauty, creating your own memorable moments along its shores.


Bourget beach at Lac du Bourget


Lake Léman

Perched at 372 meters, Lake Léman's shoreline channels the chic vibes of the French Riviera. Straddling France and Switzerland, it's a massive inland sea covering 58,000 hectares with 167 kilometres of Franco-Swiss coastline. Dive into the tranquillity on the French side, where ports beckon relaxation, notably Évian-les-Bains, a renowned spa town that retains simplicity and authenticity. Explore colonial-style houses and soak in a rich, cosy atmosphere. Lake Léman isn't just a water body; it's a blend of natural beauty and cultural charm, waiting for you to uncover its unique beauty along the shores.

Lake Annecy

Lac d’Annecy takes the spotlight in the scenic wonder known as the "Venice of the Alps." Beyond its charmingly picturesque charm, this lake claims the title of the purest in Europe, inviting year-round exploration. Summer unveils the magic of its 12 beaches, where waters reach a balmy 24 degrees, perfect for leisurely strolls and refreshing swims. Dive into adventure with water sports like kitesurfing and paddle boarding. Winter paints a different scene – embrace the chill with a boat trip, the perfect way to soak up the atmospheric beauty of Lac d’Annecy. This isn't just a lake; it's a year-round playground where every season unfolds a new chapter of enchantment waiting to be explored.


Welcome to the best-kept secret among Savoyard lakesAiguebelette, a hidden gem with its area classified as a regional natural reserve since 2015, showcasing its untamed beauty. Immerse yourself in front of exceptional panoramas, letting the wild nature rejuvenate your senses. Whether you prefer activities on the lake, on land, or in the air, Aiguebelette has it all to recharge your adventurous spirit. And for the gourmands, indulge in gourmet experiences that promise to delight your taste buds, completing your journey in this enchanting haven of natural wonders and culinary delights. Aiguebelette isn't just a lake; it's a secret escape waiting to be discovered and savoured.