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Sardinia Holidays: how to plan an incredible Sardinian holiday

Embark on an enchanting Sardinian adventure where turquoise waters meet pristine beaches and captivating history. Dive into the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage haven, exploring ancient sites and indulging in mouthwatering cuisine under the sun-kissed skies. Whether you're wandering the charming streets of Cagliari, exploring the scenic wonders of Costa Smeralda, or soaking in the vibrant culture of Olbia, our curated list of must-visit spots guarantees a day tailored just for you. Get ready for a getaway filled with endless delights, where every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered!

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What to visit in Cagliari, the Sardinian capital ?


Things to see in the city of Cagliari

Discover the enchanting city of Cagliari, Sardinia's vibrant capital, bursting with history and charm! Perched atop Castello (castle), the historic heart unveils a world of wonders, from the iconic Bastione di San Remy to the majestic Cathedral of Santa Maria in Piazza Palazzo. Venture beyond to explore ancient treasures like the Roman Amphitheatre and Villa di Tigellio, or wander the haunting Necropolis of Tuvixeddu and the mystical Grotta della Vipera. Dive into the rich heritage of Basilica of San Saturnio before meandering through the lively districts of Stampace, Marina, and Villanova. Your adventure awaits, capped off by a cozy stay in your signature VeryChic hotel. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through Cagliari's captivating past and vibrant present!

Things to see in the province of Cagliari

Dive into the wonders of Cagliari province, encompassing a vast 19% of Sardinia's magical realm! Beyond the town's borders, rugged terrains and towering mountains await, adorned with captivating caves and secret coves perfect for exploration. Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of Molentargius-Saline Regional Nature Park, where flamingos paint the sky in shades of pink, and venture to Sette Fratelli Monte Genis, home to Sardinian deer and the mythical Sella del Diavolo promontory. Discover the picturesque charm of Sarabus e Gerrei's quaint villages tucked amidst wilderness. And when it's time to unwind, bask in the allure of Poetto, one of Sardinia's finest beaches stretching eight kilometers, promising pure relaxation and endless seaside delights! Get ready for an adventure as vast and diverse as the island itself!

What to visit in Sardinia in Olbia?

Welcome to Olbia, the vibrant gateway to northern Sardinia! Bursting with ancient charm and bustling with life, this city, whose name means "happy" in Greek, is a treasure trove of activities. Delve into the city's rich history at the Archaeological Museum, showcasing remnants of the past discovered throughout Olbia. Explore the magnificent Basilica of San Simplice, a revered religious gem in the heart of the North East. Here, tradition comes alive as the island celebrates its patron saint every May. Get ready for a journey through time, where ancient wonders and lively festivities blend seamlessly in the delightful city of Olbia!

Calling all history enthusiasts and curious explorers! Olbia, a city steeped in ancient mysteries, invites you on an exciting journey back in time. Uncover the earliest traces of humanity as you venture into the Bronze Age nuragic settlements. Marvel at the tomb of the Gentiles of su Monte de s’Aba, wander the fascinating nuraghe riu Mulinu, explore the village of Belveghile, and gaze into the depths of the sacred well of sa Testa. Get ready to unravel the secrets of Sardinia's past, where every step reveals a new chapter in the island's captivating history!



The Maddalena archipelago

The Maddalena Archipelago has about sixty granitic and schistose islands stretching over almost 12,000 hectares. The steep cliffs are shaped by erosion and make the landscape uniquely beautiful. Protected by a natural park, you will be in the heart of pure nature. There is more than one way to explore the archipelago. The two best known are La Maddalena and Caprera. On these islands, everything is done to make your walks more pleasant. You can also explore the seabed, visit cultural sites and admire the landscapes.

Behold the enchanting allure of Sardinia's renowned pink beach, also known as "Spiaggia Rosa" or "Budelli's pink beach," nestled within the Maddalena National Park. This natural wonder's rosy hue, a result of crushed shells, corals, and pink micro-organisms called Myriapora Truncata, creates a captivating contrast against the turquoise waters and lush greenery. A picturesque postcard come to life! To preserve its pristine beauty, the beach is off-limits for landing and swimming. However, fear not! You can still admire its splendor from a scenic viewpoint or embark on a delightful boat trip, ensuring you witness this magical sight in all its glory. Get ready to be mesmerized by nature's artistry!

What to visit in Sardinia on the Costa Smeralda?

Welcome to the enchanting Costa Smeralda on Sardinia's northeastern coast, where the waters' mesmerizing hues of green and blue beckon you to dive into paradise! This coastal gem is synonymous with heavenly beaches, secluded coves, and an exclusive jet-set ambiance. The magic of Costa Smeralda began in the 1960s when Prince Aga Khan infused 50 kilometers of coastline with luxurious marinas, hotels, opulent golf courses, and elegant residences, all seamlessly integrated into the landscape. Picture subtle pastel-colored buildings harmoniously blending with the granite and Mediterranean maquis, creating a marvelously scenic masterpiece. Get ready for a beachy escape where indulgence meets nature's splendor!

Porto Cervo, the jewel of the Costa Smeralda

Step into the charming village of Porto Cervo, the heart of Costa Smeralda, where just a hundred residents reside, creating an intimate atmosphere against the backdrop of a natural harbor. Here, architecture seamlessly merges with nature, forming a picturesque blend that captivates every visitor. At the heart of the village lies the bustling Piazzetta, a renowned hub for meetings and leisurely strolls. Wander through narrow streets, explore exclusive boutiques, and marvel at vibrant facades. In summer, the village comes alive, transforming into a hub of excitement with boats, yachts, and international stars gathering for festivities. During quieter times, embrace the sublime landscapes of Sardinia, perfect for hiking and diving adventures. Get ready to be charmed by Porto Cervo's enchanting allure!

What to eat in Sardinia 

Indulge your taste buds in the culinary delights of Sardinia, where food is not just a meal but a cherished experience! From the renowned poerceddu (suckling pig on a spit) to the flavorful maialino sardo, the island's gastronomy is a feast for the senses. Dive into a world of artichokes in various forms, intriguing peppers, and soul-warming soups. Transition from the land to the sea with a coastal cuisine offering a delightful array of swordfish, mackerel, and sea bream, each dish infused with the sunshine of Sardinia. Quench your thirst with Sardinian wines like cannonau and sweeten your days with delectable desserts. Get ready for a culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more, a gastronomic journey that embodies the essence of Sardinia's rich and diverse flavors!

When to go to Sardinia

Plan your Sardinian escapade wisely for an unforgettable adventure! Skip the crowds and revel in mild temperatures by visiting in autumn or spring, with the added bonus of blooming landscapes in the springtime. Dive into the crystal-clear waters from March to October for a refreshing swim. August is your ticket to vibrant events and festivals, while winter graces the island's peaks with a snowy spectacle. Sardinia's diverse climates offer a mix of mild coastal breezes, continental inland weather, and thrilling winds in the north—perfect for thrill-seekers! Keep your eyes peeled for the mistral and ponente winds. Don't forget, the island's rhythm dances to the tunes of its ever-changing climates, ensuring every moment of your journey is filled with excitement and surprise! 

What types of accommodation to stay in on your trip to Sardinia?

On the coast or inland, Sardinia has breathtaking landscapes. So to make the most of it, make the right choice of accommodation. Here's an overview of what you'll have access to when looking for a cheap Sardinia getaway with VeryChic:

  • Five-star addresses such as the Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi *****
  • Spa hotels such as the Ea Bianca Luxury Resort *****
  • Large group requirements such as at the Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna *****
  • An address close to the centre of Cagliari such as the Miramare Luxury Boutique Hotel ****
  • A romantic atmosphere by the sea like the Arbatax Park Resort and Cottage ****
  • An ideal starting point to multiply activities as from the Lu’ Hotel Carbonia Sardinia ****



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