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Holiday in Hammamet: what do I need to know before I go?

Nestled along Tunisia's southeastern Cap Bon coast, Hammamet beckons with its irresistible charm and unique identity. From renowned artists like Klee and Cocteau to the allure of Sophia Loren, this city has long been a wellspring of inspiration. Discover the Saint-Tropez of North Africa for a day filled with cultural treasures, diverse activities, luxurious accommodations, delectable cuisine, and perfect weather. Once you step into Hammamet's world, you'll find it impossible to leave until you've experienced every enchanting facet it has to offer.

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Hammamet: a trip to learn about Tunisian culture 

Hammamet transcends mere entertainment and lavish all-inclusive resorts; it's a haven for history and culture enthusiasts alike. Immerse yourself into the depths of its rich heritage, from the bustling medina to the enchanting surroundings, punctuated by tantalizing gourmet experiences. Uncover this hidden side of Hammamet and embark on a journey that promises to captivate both the mind and the palate.

Ancienne médina de Hammamet

The medina

Explore the ancient heart of Hammamet near its bustling port—the medina stands as a testament to the city's storied past. Dating back to the Arab-Muslim era, its layout resonates with the organizational codes of its time, encircled by sturdy ramparts and accessible through majestic, vaulted entrances. Wander through its labyrinthine alleys to discover residential quarters, public spaces, and the iconic kasbah, all bustling with activity. Lose yourself in the vibrant souk, where every corner holds treasures waiting to be unearthed. As you meander through the narrow streets adorned with colourful facades and intricately carved doors, immerse yourself in the medina's timeless charm.

The Kasbah

Perched above Hammamet's medina, the Kasbah is a historic fortress built centuries ago to fend off pirate attacks and provide sanctuary. Walking along its ancient ramparts offers a stunning vista of the Mediterranean and the bustling city below. Enjoy a drink at one of the seafront terraces, soaking in the breathtaking scenery. While entry requires a fee, the unparalleled views and well-preserved architecture make it worthwhile. Inside, delve into the museum's treasures, uncovering stories of bravery and resilience. Explore the Kasbah of Hammamet—a timeless symbol of strength and beauty, preserving the city's rich history for generations to come.


Situated in the serene Gulf of Hammamet, Monastir beckons with its captivating charm and rich historical tapestry. Founded by the Carthaginians in 960 BC, its name harks back to its origins around a monastery, where Julius Caesar once marked his conquest of Africa. At its heart stands the Ribat, the city's iconic citadel, revered as the oldest and most magnificent Arab construction along the Maghreb coast. Explore its historic quarter and marvel at the splendid mansions that whisper tales of bygone eras. Beyond its storied past, Monastir boasts inviting beaches perfect for leisurely strolls. And for the adventurous traveller, there are opportunities to dive into azure waters, perfect your swing on scenic golf courses, or embark on exhilarating horseback rides. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of Monastir, where every corner reveals a piece of history waiting to be discovered.

What can you enjoy in Hammamet?

Looking to unwind after exploring historical wonders? Indulge in the culinary delights of Tunisian gastronomy—a must-do when pondering what to do in Hammamet. Reflecting the nation's rich history and heritage, Tunisian cuisine is a fusion of Berber, Andalusian, Turkish, and Italian influences. Each dish is a symphony of flavours and spices, promising a journey for your taste buds. From the fiery kick of harissa to the hearty comfort of couscous, Tunisian cuisine offers a diverse palette of tastes and textures.

Begin your culinary adventure with Makrouna Bel Salsa—a surprising delight of peppers cooked with savoury meat and a spicy tomato sauce infused with harissa. Then, try the beloved classic: couscous. Prepared in various styles across the country, couscous offers a tantalizing array of options, from savoury meat dishes to seafood delights. Need something refreshing? Savour a grilled vegetable salad for a burst of freshness. And when you're craving warmth, indulge in a steaming bowl of chorba—a flavourful soup sure to comfort your soul.


What activities to do in Hammamet?

Wondering what to do in Hammamet to keep busy and enjoy the city to the fullest? Start by finding out what activities are on offer. From the beach to water activities to relaxing treatments, there is plenty of choice.

Plage à Hammamet

Visit Hammamet for its beaches:

Your journey to Hammamet likely revolves around its pristine sandy beaches, and there's no better place to begin your seaside adventure than at the renowned Yasmine Hammamet Beach. Widely regarded as the epitome of beauty, this beach offers more than just sun and sand—it's a culinary haven with a plethora of bars and restaurants lining its shores, inviting you to delight in a wonderful meal or sip on a refreshing drink while soaking up the coastal ambiance. After unwinding by the water's edge, take a leisurely stroll along the palm-fringed promenade, immersing yourself in the coastal charm of Hammamet.


…Get your thrills…

Looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure during your stay? Look no further than Carthage Land, the ultimate theme park nestled in ancient Carthage, offering thrills for all ages. From heart-pounding adventure games to exhilarating roller coasters and refreshing water attractions, the excitement knows no bounds. And if you're craving more aquatic adventures, why not try jet-skiing in Hammamet? Whether you're racing along Yasmine Beach or exploring the waves from a water sports base, this flagship activity promises an adrenaline rush like no other. Dive into a world of sensations and pure pleasure—you won't want the excitement to end!


…Then rejuvenate

When it comes to Hammamet, the presence of "hammam" in its name is no coincidence—it's synonymous with the city's renowned thermal waters. Dating back to Roman times, Hammamet has been celebrated for its high-quality thermalism, offering a natural sanctuary for body and mind alike. Immerse yourself in the mineral-rich spring waters and let your senses embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Listen to the tales of those who have found solace and healing in these ancient waters. And for the ultimate indulgence, step into a traditional hammam to experience the rituals of the East. From invigorating scrubs to pampering treatments, surrender to bliss in a setting straight out of your dreams, surrounded by marble and adorned with majestic columns. 


Where can you stay to make sure you have a great stay in Hammamet?

Planning a visit to Hammamet but unsure where to start? It all depends on your preferences and plans for your stay. If you're keen to immerse yourself in the city's vibrant culture and history, consider staying near the bustling medina and Hammamet Souk. Wander through the narrow streets, browsing for unique Tunisian souvenirs, and soak in the timeless beauty of the 13th-century Kasbah. You'll also have easy access to the picturesque Yasmine Hammamet marina, where fishing boats bob gently in the harbour.

Alternatively, if your heart is set on sun, sand, and sea, opt for one of the many hotels lining the shores of the Mediterranean, often bearing the name "Hammamet Beach." Here, you'll find yourself in the heart of the action, with easy access to the city's establishments and, of course, the glorious sunshine that graces Hammamet for much of the year. Whether you prefer a cozy room, a luxurious suite, or the vibrant energy of the city, the choice is yours—just be sure to savour every moment of that refreshing sea air!


When is the best time to enjoy a trip to Hammamet?

Hammamet boasts delightful temperatures year-round, making it an ideal destination regardless of the season. Located in the northeast of Tunisia, the weather here offers something for everyone's preferences. If you're craving warmth and sunshine, plan your visit for July, August, or September, when the temperatures soar. Seeking to escape the heat? Opt for a trip during January, February, or March for milder weather. For those eager to make a splash, August reigns supreme, with temperatures perfect for swimming and water activities—averaging between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius, while the sea remains a refreshing 25 degrees Celsius on average. Keep in mind that outside of summer, light rains may surprise you, adding a touch of unpredictability to your adventure.

Architecture de la médina, Hammamet

Why choose a hotel or a villa in Hammamet?

Plunge yourself in the artistic ambiance of Hammamet, where creativity thrives, and inspiration abounds. Choose from a selection of hotels or villas and follow in the footsteps of renowned artists who have found solace in this enchanting city. From the captivating vistas of La Badira Hammamet overlooking the Mediterranean to the luxurious accommodations of Radisson Blu Hammamet, each moment promises to be a cherished memory. Experience the epitome of Tunisian hospitality with private beaches, wellness centers, and entertainment teams at your fingertips. With All-Inclusive options catering to your every desire, all that's left is to embark on your journey and let Hammamet weave its magic around you.