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Holidays in Antalya: what do I have to know

300 days a year… This is the average amount of sunshine on the Turquoise Coast, in Turkey. And there are almost as many activities available in the region as there are days when the sun is out. It remains to be seen which are the best of them before emabrking on a trip to Antalya. In order to provide an answer to this question, check out our selection of the best activities to do in Antalya province. From cultural visits to the most beautiful beaches and the discovery of natural areas, everything is gathered so that you can leave with a programme that suits you. Finally, don't miss our tips on gastronomy, climate and the best accommodation for a more than perfect holiday.

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What are the best beaches in Antalya for doing activities?

The beaches always offer a wide range of activities. From relaxing to swimming to sports activities, there is something for everyone. So, to get the most out of the experience, you might as well go to the most beautiful beaches in the province. Here is our selection.


Kleopatra Beach

Kleopatra Beach is known for its legendary history. Indeed, it is said to have been home to the last queen of ancient Egypt and her lover Mark Antonius. Its two kilometres of fine sandy beaches border water so clear that you can see the fish on your side. You can also enjoy the various facilities the beach has to offer and the splendid view of the Alanya Castle. And if you're still there at the end of the day, don't miss the sublime sunset.


Cirali Beach

Cirali Beach is located on the Lycian coast, about an hour's drive from Antalya. This sublime stone outbuilding is completely protected from tourist development and has a certain hippie atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of a beautiful mountainous landscape covered in vegetation, it offers plenty of space and is popular with swimming and snorkelling fans. For hiking enthusiasts, there is the Lycian Way, one of the region's most famous trails. And for a cultural break, don't miss the nearby ruins of Olympus.


Kaputaş Beach in Kalkan

The Kaputaş beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the Turkish Riviera. Located between the resorts of Kas and Kalkan, it is surrounded by cliffs and forests. You will have to climb down just under 200 rocky steps to reach its fine sand and pebbles. This beach will delight travellers who want to relax, especially thanks to the deckchairs and parasols available. The clear waters are perfect for snorkelling, while the waves attract surfers. Finally, take the opportunity to explore the canyon of the same name and admire the view from the cliffs.


Patara Beach in Gelemiş

Enclosed by nature, the Patara Beach is a natural beach that attracts for its calm. Extremely well served, its 18 kilometres long and 300 metres wide have managed to remain wild despite its proximity to the resort town of Kas. As well as relaxing on the fine sand, you can observe the wildlife that nestles here. There are indeed turtles including the famous loggerhead (caretta carettas) and birds also learning about the prevailing climate.


Lara Beach

Lara Beach is full of surprises. It is mainly known for offering a wide range of services. Restaurants serving delicious food, bars serving perfect cocktails for refreshment, land and water sports facilities, etc. You can also stroll along the promenade, on foot, in a car or why not on a scooter. In short, in addition to being a beautiful stretch of sand and gravel, Lara beach has everything to please young and old alike.


What to do in Antalya to discover the rich nature?

In addition to the beaches, the province of Antalya has a breathtakingly beautiful nature. Here are five tours that will allow you to admire all its beauty.





The Düden Falls

The Düden Falls are waterfalls rising from the river of the same name and flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. Located 12 kilometres south-east of Antalya, they fall from a height of 40 metres. Once you have admired the falls, don't miss the surrounding park. Finally, you should know that the most famous falls in Düden are located on the side of Lara Beach.


The city of Pamukkale

If you have the time, be sure to visit Pamukkale, a simply magical city. Its name translates to "cottonwood". It is here that you will find one of the most famous images of the country. The white basins of this area are a staircase of natural swimming pools. Even if access to some of the pools is now forbidden (in order to preserve them), you can still admire the beauty of these Turkish baths and visit the ancient city of Hierapolis.


The Antalya Aquarium

The Antalya Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world. It consists of 40 thematic aquariums and the world's largest tunnel aquarium with a length of 131 metres and a width of three metres. You can also have fun with real snow at the Snow World and Ice Museum. Wild Park will take you on a journey to the home of tropical reptiles, through some incredible tropical species. Finally, the Oceanride XD Cinema will allow you to navigate the world's seas with the help of cutting-edge technology.


A boat cruise from Manavgat

If you want to sail on real waters, why not take a boat cruise along the province of Antalya? For this activity, go to Manavgat, for example. Located only a few kilometers from Sidney, this is a place where you can experience the sweetness of life and charm. After your cruise, you can stop off in the town and take a gourmet break in one of the restaurants located near the waterfalls. Or head to the market, which is open Monday and Thursday and renowned for its authenticity.


What to do in Antalya as a way of getting between the past and present?



Turkey is a country situated at the crossroads of cultures, and the latter have left superb vestiges in their wake. The least one can say is that the region of Antalya is no exception. Beyond that, the region has been associated with a number of activities that have become essential over the years. Between the past and the present, let's take a look at some of the activities that are not to be missed:

  • The city of Antalya and its old town Kaleici. Here you will be in the heart of a picturesque and beautiful district. Stroll through the cobbled streets and admire the buildings of the Roman and Ottoman eras. Bodrum may be known as the St. Tropez of Turkey, but it is still a cultural destination. From the Saint-Pierre castle, to the underwater archaeology museum, to the Andalusian garden, you won't regret your stopover here. You can also continue with the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World in antiquity.
  • Golf in Turkey is so attractive that one could say it is part of Turkish culture. The courses in Belek in Antalya are renowned internationally. Afterwards, you can enjoy a stroll through the pine forest or a swim in its clear waters.


What to eat in Antalya

Since tasting the local gastronomy is a must-do activity, be sure to check out the culinary specialties of the Antalya region (and even more generally of Turkey) during your getaway. Here is our selection of the must-sees:

  • It's impossible to start your trip with anything other than a kebab from Antalya! This grilled meat has crossed borders and can now be found all over the world, but nothing beats a Turkish kebab!
  • The Lahmaçun, a patty covered with stuffing reminiscent of pizza.
  • The bôreks. These savoury puffs are filled with cheese, pineapple and/or minced meat.
  • The sis kebap denote grilled meat skewers. They are usually served with rice pilaf.
  • Baklavas are very well known in Turkey. They are square pastries topped with honey and filled with walnuts or pistachios.

Finally, follow tradition and end your meals with a cay (a Turkish tea) or kahve (a Turkish coffee).


When to go to Antalya?

With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, the turquoise coast enjoys ideal temperatures almost all year round. This explains why it is one of the most visited regions in the world. If you are wondering when to go to Antalya to make the most of this time, here are a few pointers that may help guide you:

  • In the spring, more specifically between May and June, the weather is very mild and pleasant. Even at the beginning of the evening the thermometer shows 25 degrees on average.
  • It is hot in Antalya but the heat is pleasant and largely bearable. It is the ideal season for swimming.
  • The autumn is quite similar to spring. The difference is that there is usually more precipitation.
  • In the winter, more specifically from January to March, the temperatures are the least favourable but the weather remains correct. The temperature can reach between 15 and 20 degrees.


Where to sleep in Antalya?




Now that you know what activities you'll be doing during your summer day in Antalya, you're probably wondering which hotel to choose. Chances are, you'll find what you're looking for in our private sales. Not sure what to expect? Check out this overview of some of our offers.

  • An ideal address to do all your sightseeing on foot such as the Rixos Downtown Antalya. This hotel will allow you not to choose between city and nature thanks to its location, perched on the cliffs bordering Antalya.
  • An all-inclusive day in Turkey à Antalya. With this package, you will be able to enjoy carefree and not have to worry about anything. You can enjoy the pleasures of Turkish and international cuisine, and take advantage of exclusive benefits. An all-inclusive trip to Antalya has something for the whole family!
  • A 5-star hotel in Antalya to enjoy a luxury trip to the turquoise coast. You will be treated to attentive staff, top-of-the-range facilities and personalized attention. All this at a VeryChic rate, of course!