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Cagliari holidays: what do I have to know

It is in Italy, in the south-west of Sardinia, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, that Cagliari, a city with a timeless charm, is located. Between ancient heritage, perfectly preserved medieval heritage and multicoloured natural scenery, the city offers its share of nostalgia, idyllic panoramas and fascinating views.

It is no surprise then, that Cagliari today attracts holidaymakers from all walks of life. Some trace its ancient past, some explore its natural treasures and others stroll from beach to beach to laze around. The urban stroll is also very much a learning experience during your weekend in Cagliari. 

When to go to Cagliari? What to see, what to do ? Where to go ? Which of Caglirari's hotel to sleep in? There are many questions you might ask yourself before your day trip to Cagliari. VeryChic tries to answer them in this article.

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Holidays in Cagliari: when to go

The choice of dates is inescapable in any travel project. Among the factors to be taken into account is the weather: sunshine, heat, or coolness, rainfall, etc. For a weekend in Cagliari, the climate is crucial, as outdoor activities, especially beach trips, depend on it. It will also be wise to know the peak tourist periods, depending on whether you want to avoid the crowds of holidaymakers or, on the contrary, to be sure of getting there. Or whether to book All Inclusive holiday in Cagliari.




Cagliari day: weather and climate

Like everywhere in Sardinia, the climate in Cagliari is pleasant for much of the year. The whole province enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with the four coastal seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Although the alternation of the seasons causes few temperature fluctuations (15°C on average during the day all year round), rainfall can play tricks.

From June to August, Cagliari is a magnificent season: clear blue skies, perfect sunshine and almost no rain. If the mercury sometimes rises to 30°C, the heat is never suffocating thanks to the sea breeze of the sirocco. Both on the beach and when hiking in and around Cagliari, the climate is perfect! The winter season starts in December and continues until the end of March. It is not really cold, as the seasonal daytime minimum is 10°C. Finally, the only obstacle to outdoor excursions during the winter is the rain. December, January and February are the rainiest months in Cagliari.

With temperatures hovering around 22°C and rain becoming scarce, spring is a most pleasant season. In April and May, one might even think that it's time to go out! So go for cultural and nature outings when Mother Nature is on her game. The sea water is still very fresh, so wait until June to take a dip or book a hotel in Cagliari by the sea.


Holidays in Cagliari: crowds by season

Cagliari is a cultural and leisure destination that is less than three hours' flight time from Europe's largest cities. Its climate, which is conducive to all kinds of outdoor activities in three of the four seasons, makes it all the more attractive. Cagliaritans have long since become accustomed to the waves of tourists and the peaks in numbers during the school holidays. Cagliari is particularly busy in May, June, July, August, September and October, the peak tourist season. In August, when the number of visitors is at its highest, this is also known as the very high season. The rest of the year Cagliari is less crowded, but not uninvited.


Escape with friends, what to do in Cagliari?

Derived from its ramparts, Cagliari can seem tiny. However, if you go from the centre of Cagliari to the limits of its province, you will see a vast and flourishing territory. A multitude of landscapes can be found here: ancient monuments, forests, mountains, waterfalls, caves, flamingos, beaches... Promises of varied experiences that are better experienced with several people than alone.


Holidays in Cagliari, ideal for backpackers

More than other Sardinian towns, Cagliari can be discovered along its roads, but not with just any vehicle. The car, although ideal for driving along the coast, is recommended for urban incursions, especially in high season. At this time of year, traffic is at a standstill and finding parking spaces is a feat.

At the top of the highest hill, the historic Il Castello district is a unique sight. Walk along its fortifications and stop at the towers of Elefante and San Pancrazio. The climb will give you a 360-degree view of the Gulf of Angels.

Walk through the alleys of Castello to contemplate the impressive Pisan heritage: the Bastion Saint Remy, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Cagliari, the Palazzo Viceregio or the ancient Pallazo di Città.

Are you a culture lover? Treat yourself to a journey through time in Castello, visiting the Museo del Duomo, the Pinacoteca Nazionale, the Museo dell'Arte Oriental, the Teatro Civico and, of course, the Citadella dei Musici which houses the Museo Archaeologico Nazionale.

The tour of the seven hills by scooter is ideal for discovering sites of antiquity: Roman amphitheatre in the Stampace district, Antigori nuraghe in Sarroch, cropolis of Tuvixeddu, Basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria, Castle of San Michele and so much more. 


Day trip to Cagliari between nature and culture

Cagliari is known as one of the greenest cities in Sardinia and even in Italy. Between the wide open spaces and the sublime natural scenery, holidays in Cagliari provide beautiful encounters and adventures. Trails, photo safaris or water sports, there is something for everyone!

The authenthic nature journey will begin at Parco di Monte Urpinu, a 25-hectare green ridge where the forest tours are unlimited. Adjacent to the pine and oak forests, a peaceful scrubland is covered with a luxuriant flora of mastic, juniper, kermes oak, wild olive and euphorbia trees. The Monte Urpinu adventure will be an opportunity to have a picnic by an artificial lake, and to enjoy the beautiful views from the belvedere.

Beautiful excursions also await you at the Parco Naturale Molentargius Saline, 1600 hectares of protected territory and atypical to say the least. In fact, the salt ponds, including the old salt pans of Cagliari, and the freshwater ponds are mixed together. This is where the abundant and diverse vegetation attracts extraordinary birdlife, making Molentargius Saline a great place for birdwatching! You will be able to see pink flamingos, goose lands, guardian birds, white hunters, little egrets, mallard ducks, sultana hens and many more.

Finally, your day in Cagliari will be followed by gliding sessions that lead to water fun and adrenaline. The Cagliari coastline, from Quartu Sant'Elena to the Sella del Diavolo, is home to kitesurfing and windsurfing spots that are perfect for surf trips with friends. There is also Il Poetto, the most popular beach in Cagliari, where surfing is exclusively practiced in winter. Further on, Chia, Costa Rei, the lagoon of Punta Trettu — Sant'Antioco and Villasimius are the playgrounds for windsurfers.


Lovers' weekend in Cagliari

Couples on a getaway will easily find something to enjoy during a romantic day in Cagliari. All you have to do is immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the town and get lost along the panoramic coastal road. Between lounging on the beach, cliff-top sunsets, candlelit terrace dinners and spa treatments, it's impossible to get bored!


Romantic beaches and coves

The Il Poetto beach is Cagliari's lazy paradise with its white sand that stretches for eight kilometres and sinks into the turquoise waves of the Mediterranean. Along the seafront, beach facilities and food kiosks follow one another to offer the best comfort to beach lovers. Lovers can take a few steps, hand in hand, on the friendly promenade! Poetto is the most famous and the most frequented of Cagliari's beaches. It has a vibrant atmosphere that is particularly appealing to young couples.

For those looking for a place to relax, the beach is the perfect place to go.

For those seeking a more intimate atmosphere, Calamosca beach is the place to be. Bordered on one side by a cliff and on the other by the Colle Sant'Elia hill, this delightful cove will be your haven of peace ! Here, simple pleasures are also the most beautiful: contemplating the sunset, diving in the transparent waters, picnicking facing the ocean... In the same style, Cala Regina in Quartu Sant'Elena is another peaceful spot where lovers love to meet. The cove offers a beautiful Mediterranean maquis landscape, topped with pine and eucalyptus trees.

Our advice: a cruise is an original and truly romantic way to discover the region. The panoramas of the city seen from the sea are absolutely superb!


Walks and gourmet destinations 

To be unforgettable, a romantic escape must be accompanied by gourmet pleasures, to be savoured in the enchanting atmosphere of Cagliari. Forget about the top 10 addresses you can find on the internet. Just let yourself be surprised by the signs, the menu boards or the places that call out to you during your picturesque stroll.

For one thing is certain: whatever the setting, the cosy ambience of a large restaurant in Cagliari or the vibrant atmosphere of a pizzeria, the food is exquisite ! Via Giuseppe Manno, Viale Regina Margherita and Viale Pula are the culinary trails of Cagliari with their adjoining cafés, bistros, bars, and restaurants. Through this gastronomical journey don't miss:

  • The fregula cun cocciula, a kind of couscous with clams
  • The sa cassola, a traditional Cagliaritan fish soup
  • La pasta alla bottarga, a dish of pasta and bottarga (dried mullet or bluefin tuna eggs)
  • The pasta alla bottarga, a dish of pasta and bottarga
  • Angiulottus, ravioli filled with ricotta, vegetables and meat
  • Malloreddus, a succulent dish of saffron gnocchi, accompanied by vegetables, tomato sauce, grated pecorino and minced sausage.


As a dessert, Italian-style ice cream, cheese-based pardulas and other candelaus (flaky almond paste and orange flavouring) will delight fine palates!

A day in Cagliari will also be an opportunity to delve into Italian wine traditions. The many bucolic walks in the heart of the Campidano, a wine-growing plain crossing Cagliari, will lead you to the vineyards where the Monica di Sardegna wine is produced. The initiation of this typical red with an aromatic bouquet is all the more pleasing.


Friendly parks and gardens in Cagliari

To relax and have a good time, Cagliari's parks and gardens are a must in the to-do list of lovebirds on holidays. You will enjoy the lively nature of the Terramaini park, where beautiful wildlife and flamingos call it home. Then climb up to the perched manor house converted into a library in the Monte Claro Provincial Park. Finally, live the bohemian life in the enchanting alleys of the Giardini Pubblici.


Our advice: take advantage of the green and flowery setting of the gardens to improvise a typical Cagliari picnic. To fill your basket, go to the Mercato di San Beneditto, Cagliari's most lively and emblematic market. Here you will find a thousand and one food shops: fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, cakes and confectionery.