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Which hotel in Milan best represents the city?

The magnificent city of Milan is a tempting destination for the art and fashion lovers, as it holds an abundant amount of authentic Italian fashion brands and renaissance art galleries. Surrounded by towering buildings, architectural monuments and exquisite gastronomy, Milan is a truly bustling city with so much character and uniqueness. With an industrial and cultural importance since the 1860s, so much still hides among the streets of this lively metropolis. Come and discover the secrets of Milan by living like a real Milanese, among all the luxury and class. Enjoy some upscale shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II, a stroll by the Duomo di Milano, and an opera and ballet show at the Teatro Alla Scala. Then, end the day with a typical aperitivo by the Navigli, a popular spot by the twin canals of Milan. Gather round as the sun sets and enjoy a refreshing drink and small bites in the best company. All there is left to do is to find a comfortable abode that radiates the authenticity of Milan so you can have a pleasant stay in Italy’s ‘Moral Capital’. Let us lead you in the right direction and understand how to navigate the city centre so you can have the best rates and discounts for your hotel in Milan.

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Why should I visit Milan?

Located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, the city of Milan is a destination not everyone may place at the top of their list, but we are here to tell you exactly why you should. It is a city that makes the Milanesi proud, due to its bustling personality and charm. Venturing into the city centre and capturing what makes this destination so captivating will almost feel like a dream. Milan also makes a great starting point to explore the north of Italy, as it gives access to the alps and stunning neighbouring regions. Therefore, finding a hotel in Milan can help you uncover a true gem.


The globally recognised fashion influence of Milan

Also known as “the fashion capital of the world”, famous brands like Versace, Armani, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana are all designer brands you will come across during your stay in Milan. Particularly during the beloved Milan Fashion Week many fashion enthusiasts pay a visit to watch worldwide known brands be shown off on the catwalks. It is safe to say Milan is the most stylish city in Italy so if you’re looking for some upscale shopping but also wanting to discover the story behind some of these Italian brands, then you’ve found the right place. The Armani Silos is a great exhibition showcasing 600 different Armani designs - we recommend you pay a visit.


Learn about the fine art and architecture of Milan

The rich heritage that Milan holds only awaits to be discovered. From art galleries like Pinacoteca di Brera and the Modern Art Gallery to landmarks like the Duomo di Milano cathedral and the Castello Sforzesco, there is a lot to flaunt. Not only will you come across centuries-old art but also innovative and eye-catching concepts. With the Bosco Verticale residential towers and the modern Piazza Gae Aulenti, which is a symbol of the contemporary Milan, the city holds the perfect blend of modern and antique style.


Indulge in the outstanding flavours of Lombardy

Italian cuisine is arguably the best cuisine in the world. With such variety in regional flavours and high-quality products that are locally sourced, it offers the pure essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Of course, when in Milan you must find the best pizza and the best pasta dish, but why not discover what the local cuisine in the Lombardy region is really like? Here are just a few examples of some Lombard dishes you can savour during your trip to Milan:


  • Risotto alla Milanese – a yellow looking risotto that is made with saffron.
  • Cotoletta alla Milanese – a delicious, breaded veal chop fried in oil.
  • Ossobuco – veal shanks with vegetables often served with Risotto alla Milanese.


Which is the best hotel location in Milan?

Choosing a hotel in Milan can seem challenging at first, but once you have familiarised yourself with the layout of the city, and know where everything is, you fill find the process a lot easier. It is important to know if you’re searching for a lively neighbourhood with great nightlife, or an authentic area that is frequented by locals. But not to worry, we will guide you through the best areas of Milan, so in case you are ever in search of a last-minute deal for Milan you won’t need to do too much researching!


Hotels near the Duomo di Milano

Located within the Centro Storico district, the cathedral is a huge tourist attraction right in the heart of the city. Finding an address in the proximity is an ideal way to reside in Milan, especially if it allows you to enjoy views of the monument right from the comfort of your own room. On the edge of the Castello area and right next to the elegant Brera area, the UNAHOTELS Cusani Milano is perfectly located and allows you to easily explore the centre of Milan. Only walking distance from the Duomo, this 4-star hotel is luxurious and promises you a comfortable stay.


Hotels by the Navigli in Milan

The Navigli district and the neighbouring Porta Genova are the quirkiest and liveliest areas of the city, perfect to enjoy a typical aperitivo by the canals and going out at night. The Navigli will certainly charm you, its cobblestone streets and quaint waterside eateries are perfect for a well spent afternoon or evening. Also, once a month you can find the Mercatone dell’Antiquariato, which sells antique and vintage items or clothing. Finding accommodation that is located close to this area can guarantee you a unique stay, so look no further for your hotel in Milan.


Where to find an address with character in Milan

I’m sure it is clear just how enchanting the city of Milan is, but with so much lodging on offer, when it is time to make your booking, you may find yourself hesitating between one hotel and another. With so many unique and authentic hotels we know you only want to find the best, so you can have a memorable getaway that will make you want to visit again.


We suggest you the Hotel Chateau Monfort, a fantastic an inventive concept, where your stay will feel just like a fairy-tale. Inspired by the charm and art of Italian ballet, the luxurious interiors are both quirky and modern, whereas the exteriors of the early-20th century building still maintain the original architecture and appearance. This hotel brings together the art and style of Milan, giving it an enchanting twist, gifting you with an extraordinary adventure. This address is perfect for a romantic time away with your loved one, in an elegant and relaxing setting.


The best of Milan all in one hotel

If you want all the good things of Milan within easy reach, at the Enterprise Boutique Hotel & Spa you can find just that and more. Located outside of the historical centre, this establishment allows you to comfortably reside away from the bustling metropolitan centre, whilst being near the City Life district. Stylish, fun, and luxurious, this hotel may be described as the epitome of Milan. To add the cherry on top, exquisite Lombard cuisine can be tasted at the hotel’s restaurant. Expect the authentic flavours of the region, as they follow the seasonality of local produce and don’t miss out on an unforgettable culinary journey! Discover the city from an ideal hotel in Milan, where guests always come first.