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Holidays in Abu Dhabi: what do I have to know

Do you fancy a trip to Abu Dhabi? Whether this getaway is on its own or combined with a trip to another country, you won’t regret heading to this gem. The capital of the United Arab Emirates, it embodies, along with Dubai, the modernity of the Arabian Gulf, and has many must-see places. Check out our selection of those not to be missed.

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Why the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must-see




The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is not just one of the largest mosques in the world. It is a large-scale work of art that incorporates elements of several Islamic architectural styles. More than 80 domes, 1,000 columns, chandeliers adorned with 24-carat gold, the largest woven carpet in the world… There is no doubt that all these elements will contribute to the historical impact desired by the Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Indeed, one of the wishes of his construction was to convey a message of peace, tolerance and diversity of Islam. He also wanted to create a national symbol within the largest of the emirates. After 12 years of construction, the mosque opened its doors in December 2007. On site, you will discover a monument that perfectly combines tradition and modernity. Don't miss the following events:

  • The minarets measuring a height of more than 100 meters.
  • The Carrara marble covering the mosque, the whitest of marbles.


Which theme park in Abu Dhabi is a must-see?

Without a doubt, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi ! As the name suggests, it is dedicated to the Ferrari car brand. To get there, head to the artificial island of Yas, near Abu Dhabi. There you will see a gigantic park covered by an 86,000 square metre Ferrari logo. This makes it the largest indoor amusement park in the world!

Among the 19 attractions in the park, don't miss the following:

  • Formula Rossa. This is the world’s fastest roller coaster. In fact, this iconic attraction reaches 240 km/h in 4.5 seconds !
  • Fiorano GT Challenge. This rollercoaster will give you the impression of riding a Ferrari F430 Spider. Thrills guaranteed!


Why visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi?




In the early 2000s, the United Arab Emirates and France decided to join forces to create a new kind of cultural institution. The idea was born to build an institution on the Saadiyat island called Louvre Abu Dhabi. The aim of this collaboration is to combine the futuristic vision of the United Arab Emirates with French knowledge of art and museums. The presentation of works of art is coordinated by the France-Music Agency, which also provides its expertise in terms of management from a more global perspective. The museum sees itself as a universal museum, for several reasons, but mainly because it wishes to highlight the changing nature of cultures. This is done through the museum's galleries, which tell the story of humanity in 12 chapters. Each chapter focuses on a theme and highlights universal themes.


What is special about Warner Bros Abu Dhabi theme park?

The Warner Bros Abu Dhabi theme park has more than one trick up its sleeve. Here's some information that should convince you to go there:

  • First of all, it is one of the largest indoor air-conditioned theme parks in the world. It covers 1.65 million square metres!
  • The park is divided into six worlds. Each of them offers a unique environment. There are 29 rides and will satisfy young and old. You will also see interactive attractions, be able to attend live shows, or dine in one of the many restaurants.
  • 4D and 5D attractions with virtual reality allow you to immerse yourself in the world of your hosts.


How is the Qasr Al Watan a cultural mecca in Abu Dhabi?




The Qasr Al Watan is the preeminent palace in Abu Dhabi. It is considered a cultural mecca in Abu Dhabi because it showcases the skills and traditions of the local people. You will learn how the nation developed into what it is today. All of this was achieved through the culture of miracles. It is thus considered to be much more than a palace. Moreover, here are the different ways in which it is perceived:

  • As a tribute to Arab heritage and art. From its architecture and design to the works on display, everything about it makes it an architectural landmark.
  • A way to explore the heritage and better understand the culture of the United Arab Emirates.
  • A place where one can increase one's knowledge through the Qasr Al Watan Library.


What is the most promising project in Abu Dhabi?

The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is a museum scheduled to open in 2022. Its construction is currently underway on the Saadiyat island. It is a museum of modern and contemporary art that will exhibit local, regional and international works. The gigantic building is expected to incorporate both Western and Eastern styles. The estate will cover 18,000 square metres of exterior and 12,000 square metres of interior galleries. In short, with the aim of making it the must-see cultural tour, this project is more than promising and is likely to provide a prestigious neighbour to the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Note that the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi collection has been growing steadily since the early 1960s. So, for the more impatient who want to see the works before the museum opens, head to the other museums in the region!


Why are the Etihad Towers considered iconic?

The Etihad Towers are a five-tower complex inviting a wide range of activities with panoramic views of the city and the Persian Gulf. Three of the towers are residential. One of them is occupied by the Jumeirah Etihad Towers. This five-star address stands 280 metres high. To admire the breathtaking view without spending the day in one of the towers, head for the Observation Point. This is located on the 74th floor of the second tower and offers a 360-degree view of the Abu Dhabi skyline. The resort is also known for its luxury shopping experience. For one of the world's most exclusive collections of shops, head to Etihad Avenue and Etihad Towers. You will also be able to enjoy a 100% VIP experience thanks to the private luxury rooms.


What to expect at Emirates Heritage Village

Take a trip back in time by visiting the Heritage Village. This unique place allows you to see the traditional side of life in the desert and delve into the past of the emirate. It is indeed a reconstruction of a traditional oasis village. From its souk and mosque to the pre-Abu Dhabi settlement to the mirat we know today, you will be in for a real treat. As well as stocking up on souvenirs, you can admire traditional artefacts. You will also be able to watch the craftsmen and women doing their traditional activities, such as making pottery, blowing glass or weaving yarn. You will also be able to participate in a public workshop to see and practice these traditional crafts first hand. Metalwork, pottery or sewing? It's up to you!


Why take an excursion to Dubai during your stay in Abu Dhabi?




Who said you had to choose between Abu Dhabi and Dubai? The proximity of the two emirates makes it easy to combine them on a single trip. It is even possible to make a trip from one to the other in one day! This means that you will be able to see all the highlights of the city of contrasts and possibilities. Start with one of its huge shopping centres: the Mall of the Emirates or the Dubai Mall. The former offers a ski slope, while the latter houses the Dubai Aquarium. Then head for the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa. Finally, if you are travelling with your family (or not), don't miss the Dubai Global Village. This leisure area will take you to over 40 countries in one visit. Incredible!


Why take a trip to the desert?

In Abu Dhabi, it's hard to pass up a trip to the Rub Al Khali Desert. So don't miss out on this experience during your holiday. Treat yourself to a quad bike or 4x4 safari. Or choose to hike or ride a camel. For an even more magical experience, you can even spend an entire night on the beautiful canvas. This is a unique opportunity to meet the local people and learn more about their customs and traditions. Finally, to end on a fresh note, head to the Liwa oasis. This is the last place to live before entering the great desert of Rub Al Khali. Small villages, forts and palm tree plantations await you. Its dates are sold in all the shops, so take the opportunity to taste them and why not take some as a souvenir.


Where to find extraordinary hotels in Abu Dhabi?




Are you looking for a hotel Abu Dhabi? You will certainly find what you are looking for among VeryChic's private sales. With its prestige deals in Abu Dhabi, you're sure to have a wonderful time in the capital. Here's an overview of the establishments you might like to stay in:

  • A palace-like address from the Arabian Nights at the Emirates Palace. Its design blending baroque and oriental styles will undoubtedly charm you. The same goes for its swimming pools and its proximity to the beach! And what about its Italian restaurant? Without doubt the best of the whole emirate!
  • A hotel managed by a major group so you can be sure of exemplary services, like the Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche. It is located in the heart of the city and features international gastronomy in its gourmet areas.
  • An Abu Dhabi spa. By selecting an address with a wellness area, you can be sure to recover from all your excursions in tranquility.