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Why plan a holiday on the Costa Dorada?

The Costa Dorada is one of Spain's most sought-after "costas" (coasts). Akin to its neighbor, the Costa Brava, it enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, basking in abundant sunshine, rendering it a haven for holidaymakers. Stretching across 216 kilometers of coastline in northeastern Spain, facing the Balearic Sea, it boasts stunning, expansive beaches that are perfect for sun-soaked relaxation. Conveniently placed just south of Barcelona, within the province of Tarragona, this region offers a plethora of activities to suit all tastes. Its picturesque Catalan towns and villages like Miravet and Tamarit, each exude a unique charm and a rich Catalan cultural heritage, while charming seaside resorts like Salou, offer relaxation and fun, including a multitude of water-based activities. In this article we'll delve into the various points of interest and activities that make this splendid coastline a must-visit holiday destination.

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Where is the Costa Dorada?

The Costa Dorada, meaning "Golden Coast" is a sun-kissed stretch of coastline along the northeastern shores of Spain, in the region of Catalonia. It is located to the south of the Costa Brava and province of Barcelona, and to the north of the Costa Blanca in the Valencia region. It is known for its golden sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, and comprises of vibrant seaside towns like Salou, Cambrils, and Sitges. 


When to go to the Costa Dorada?

The Costa Dorada is characterized by a temperate Mediterranean climate. In summer, it enjoys strong sunshine and high temperatures. This weather is perfect for enjoying a dream vacation by the water, on the sumptuous beaches on the coasts of the region. Thus, leaving between June and August, or even until September, seems ideal for enjoying its beauty.

Costa Dorada beach, Sitges


Why visit Costa Dorada?

Why plan a holiday here? What is there to do on the Costa Dorada? As one of the major tourist destinations in Spain, and especially within the province of Tarragona, the Costa Dorada has many fantastic things to do and places to discover. Its pristine golden sands invite serene relaxation and sunbathing, while those looking for a bit of action will find a plethora of water sports, from sailing and windsurfing to snorkeling and scuba diving. Beyond its shores, the region boasts breathtaking natural landscapes and a rich historical heritage, including Roman archaeological sites like Tarragona's ancient amphitheater and the medieval charm of towns like Reus. 

Explore picturesque towns, discover rich local traditions, and delight in the delectable offerings of Catalan gastronomy. Or simply unwind, cocktail-in-hand while soaking in the vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. Tranquility, leisure, and exploration are the defining themes of this remarkable sun-soaked region, inviting you to savor every moment of your Spanish getaway. Let us run you through some of the not-to-miss experiences!

Tower of Tamarit, Costa Dorada


What are the most beautiful places on the Costa Dorada?

This golden stretch of coastline is full of stunning spots; but here's our pick of must-sees that shouldn't be missed during your stay:

  • The Vineyards of Priorat and Montsant: nestled at the base of the majestic Montsant Mountain Range, these vineyards are set within an extraordinary, breathtaking landscape and produce some exceptional wines.

  • The Siurana Village Viewpoints: the natural promontories in this village offer awe-inspiring vistas of the valley, the undulating surrounding hills, and the stretching horizon, it's a real feast for the eyes.

  • The Prades Mountains: with minimal human presence, these mountains unveil breathtakingly beautiful, and unspoilt landscapes, which house a thriving biodiversity.

  • The Montsant Natural Park: this park's dramatic gorges lend it an unparalleled charm, and immersing oneself in the park's natural wonders through the many possible hiking routes is fantastic experience.


What to do in the evening on the Costa Dorada?

A number of towns on the Costa Dorada are renowned for their nightlife, however, the town of Salou in particular is a popular destination. Here are some of our recommended venues:

  • The Miami Lounge: situated in Salou, this cocktail bar is the perfect place to kick off your night with style.

  • The Tropical Salou: as one of the busiest clubs in the seaside resort, it features four distinct rooms, each offering a unique atmosphere to cater to all partygoers.

  • The Pacha La Pineda: undoubtedly, the most renowned nightclub not only in Salou but across the entire Costa Dorada. With a capacity of up to 4,500 people spread across four venues, it hosts top-tier DJs like David Guetta and Bob Sinclar, ensuring electrifying nights.

  • The Flash Back: a Salou institution since 1969, this is the town's oldest nightclub. With a spacious outdoor area and themed nights, it provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable night of revelry.


What is there to do on the Costa Dorada?

Discover a plethora of fun activities available on this Mediterranean coastline, which will elevate your stay to the next level. From amusment parks and aquatic adventures to leisurely walks, there are options for all ages and desires. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Visit PortAventura: world-famous PortAventura, is an expansive 119-hectare amusement park divided into three complexes: PortAventura Park, PortAventura Caribe-Aquatic Park, and Ferrari Land. With a staggering 67 attractions, it promises amazement and thrills that will leave you enchanted.
  • Jet Ski Along the Coastline: experience the exhilarating blend of speed and scenic beauty as you ride a jet ski along the captivating coasts of the region.
  • Explore the Delta of the Ebro on a Boat Trip: embark on a boat trip around the Ebro Delta, where you'll discover a park dedicated to mussels and oyster farming. This unique experience promises not only breathtaking vistas but also a memorable dining adventure.
  • Quad Excursion in the Heart of Costa Dorada: for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with stunning panoramic views, opt for a quad excursion through the inland regions of Costa Dorada. This activity is the perfect addition to enhance your stay.


What are the most beautiful villages on the Costa Dorada?

Village of Miravet


Much like the rest of the enchanting Spanish coast, the Costa Dorada is adorned with a multitude of charming, picturesque villages, many of which are medieval in origin. We've hand-picked a few of the region's most captivating gems:

  • Miravet: nestled along the coast and within Catalonia, Miravet is hailed as one of the most exquisite villages in the region. Its multi-tiered layout overlooking the Ebro River paints a medieval aesthetic that exudes charm and timeless allure.

  • Sitges: a village that boasts a unique charisma, Sitges is a lively hub with a vibrant nightlife scene. It plays host to international film festivals and the renowned Carnival of Sitges, making it an essential destination for those seeking excitement and cultural experiences.

  • Altafulla: steeped in medieval grandeur and historical significance, Altafulla is one of the region's most resplendent villages. Its winding, picturesque streets weave an enchanting tapestry that is sure to captivate.

  • Reus: this village holds a special place in Catalonia's cultural history, being the birthplace of genius architect Antoni Gaudí. With highlights including the picturesque Place du Mercadal and the elegant town hall, Reus is a charming, cultural treasure trove.


Where are the best beaches on the Costa Dorada?

Cala Penya Tallada beach, Salou, Costa Dorada


The essence of the Costa Dorada is epitomized by its pristine, golden-sand beaches, from which it derives its name, the "Golden Coast." Paired with inviting turquoise waters, and you have the perfect setup for a memorable holiday. Here's our selection of the best Costa Dorada beaches:

  • Playa de Cunit: stretching for over 2 kilometers, near Tarragona, Playa de Cunit is a haven of golden sands. Its calm waters and a plethora of activities make it an ideal destination for families, promising enjoyment for all.

  • Cala de Canyadell: nestled in Tarragona, in this marvelous cove relaxation and sunbathing take center stage. The tranquil waters provide a peaceful setting for both children and parents to savor.

  • Cala Penya Tallada: located in Salou, this charming cove is embraced by a lush pine forest, offering a serene corner to bask in the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Playa de Vilafortuny: situated in Cambrils, this 1.5-kilometer expanse of golden sands provides convenient amenities like the option to rent deckchairs, ensuring a day of relaxation and sun protection.


What are the essential places to visit on the Costa Dorada?

Spain's Golden Coast is not only blessed with stunning beaches but also boasts a treasure trove of unique landmarks and monuments, each offering a glimpse into its rich history and unique architecture. Here's a selection of the region's must-see sites:

  • The Cathedral of Tarragona: an architectural and historical marvel which blends Romanesque and Gothic styles.

  • Casa Navàs: located in Reus, and crafted by the Catalan architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner between 1901 and 1908, Casa Navàs is a testament to the aesthetics of the time.

  • Pont del Diable (Devil's Bridge): dating back to the 1st century, this aqueduct near Tarragona, holds and important place in the historical tapestry of Catalonia and Spain.

  • The Luminous Fountain: nestled in the streets of Salou, the Luminous Fountain offers a sensational show as night falls, thanks to its captivating light animations that transform the area into a mesmerizing wonderland.